Risk Management and Church Security Teams

Chaplain Rick has over a decade of experience with church risk management. Leaders of churches are facing the challenge of protecting their congregations while inviting all to attend their house of worship. People with bad behaviors need to attend church BUT we don't want them to bring the bad behaviors with them to church.


Creating teams for safety and security is important.  Training these teams to be direct, but welcoming while they are ready to protect if imminant danger arises, is a MUST in houses of worship. Chaplain Rick can help write policies and train teams to be a good "fit" for any house of worship and help leaders understand the need to protect while ministering to their communities. 



1. Armed Security

2. Unarmed Security

3. Children and youth ministry security

4. Background checks

5. Registered sex offenders

6. Physical security

7. Liability 

8. Cameras, alarms, and panic buttons

9. Personal protection of the senior/speaking pastors

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