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I like being a Law Enforcement Chaplain

I've done many things in life..... Groomed dogs, removed asbestos, youth pastor, communications, fast food. I once worked in a ribbon factory (they made ribbons) just to name a few. But to watch a deputy talk to a drunk man in his underware (the drunk man not the deputy) that just crashed his car into a ditch is the best job I've ever had. I've always been a people watcher and I enjoy the challenge of figuring out people. Viewing society at its rawest is soooo much better than a desk job. Oh and there are aslo bad guys with guns and foot chases too but the drunk people are the best! Granted there are lots of sad situations you come across but to be standing next to a deputy helping them solve other peoples problems and then debreifing with the deputy is what I love to do.

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