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Domestic Violence on Thanksgiving Day

My deputies understand, when their patrol falls on a holiday, they must work. It's part of the job description and crime doesn't take time off to celebrate whatever holiday we as Americans get to enjoy. Thank you for that kind of dedication.

Imagine, though, you have this holiday off. The typical thanksgiving pre dinner set up. Family in town, kids off from school, pies cooking in the oven and the smell of

smoked turkey with gravy fills the air as you anticipate a food coma and football later. Your spouse looks at you with great joy knowing you are home safe and get to spend time with the family. Then... that familiar text and page sound goes off and shatters that sense of joy. Somewhere in the county, a man decides to abuse his wife and barricades himself to cowardly hide from his consequences. SWAT operators leave the safety of their homes and set up on an RV not knowing what's on the other side. Routine isn't a word you use on SWAT calls. You can't think that way. Your senses must be alert and your "head on a swivel" as you prepare to go into harm's way because someone else doesn't know how to be a man and take care of his wife. SWAT called to action because crime doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. Camo clad county guardians armed and ready on a day we are off spending time with family, eating food and feeling thankful for it all. I watched these men drive up to the door and I prayed Wisdom, Strength, and Speed to resolve conflict. I want my team to go home to their families. A flash bang sounds, a K9 deputy deployed and a perfect tactical deployment results in "one in custody." Everyone goes home or back on patrol. Safe in the midst of family and friends. Not one complaint or beguilement from this team because they are quite professionals protecting their community and watching the backs of their teammates.

I am thankful for this... this team... their commitment... my friends.

Chaplain Rick

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