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Chaplain Mobile

I own a 2002 Ford Excursion. This vehicle acts as my office and transport to scenes of fire, crimes and disasters. It's paid for and it has lots of miles on it. Recently it blew a spark plug and ruined the cylinder head. I thought for sure it was totaled. I reluctantly told a few friends about it and for

several weeks I was responding to calls on my 2003 Victory Motorcycle (given to me by my gracious father Dr. Joseph Christopherson).

My "Chaplain Mobile" has seen things like house fires where people escaped death by seconds. Death notifications where people find out sad news about loved ones. Hostage situations, barricaded suspects, fire evacuations, flood victims and so many suicides it baffles the brain. After each of these calls I return to this vehicle to gather my thoughts and do an inventory of my emotions. This "Chaplain Mobile" could survive the zombie apocalypse with all the gear I have stored in it. So when it broke down I was genuinely sad because of my emotional attachment to this Ford. Along came friends, Firefighters and Deputies who, with a great heart of giving, paid for its repair. My Chaplain Mobile is back in service. Thank you ALL who participated in its resurrection. I am humbled and grateful for your generosity.

If you see this ride on the streets of Larimer County, wave at me!

Chaplain Rick

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