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Stuntman to Chaplain

Training for "Coen and Tate" Movie 1988

I was in the 6th grade when I crashed my bike and the dream to become a stuntman came alive. At 19 years old I moved to Houston and found the Houston Stunt Association. My dream came true as I jumped off of buildings and was beat up in gang fights and even played an extra as a bad guy in the straight to video movie "Ninja Vengeance" 1988.

In High School, I would freak out my parents by jumping off the roof of my house into home made airbags or snow. My poor parents...

Training for "Coen and Tate" Movie 1988

The first time I jumped off of a 3 story building was a rush I can't explain. Free falling into a 10'x10' airbag that looked like a postage stamp from 30' high was a literal leap of faith. First time was easy... it was the second, third, fourth and so on that my passion for the movies was arguing with my common sense brain. You see, the fall isn't the problem... it's the sudden stop that could pose health issues. Passion won the

day though and I fulfilled a dream.

I can see where I'm falling...

Holy crap! Everything is upside down...

I see nothing but sky...

That... Was... Awesome... I wanna go again!

My future wife Lisa took these pictures.

I was working a full time job as an asbestos inspector and interning in a youth ministry AND apprenticing as a stuntman. Not to mention engaged to be married. After 3 years as a trained stuntman in B movies and corporate movies, I was invited to go to Hollywood to make a full length motion picture "Cohen and Tate" starring Roy Scheider (Jaws) and Adam Baldwin (Chuck, Independence day). As excited as I was, deep down inside I knew I had to make a decision. Full time ministry or full time Stuntman. Why I chose ministry is due to the deep calling I felt towards God and the ministry. Deeper than stunt work. Believe me there are times in my ministry I regret NOT becoming a stuntman. I would probably be more financially stable and I hope a legend in the industry.

30 years of ministry later, I'm now the chaplain for men a women that movies are made about. Just as fulfilling as being a stuntman and no regrets.

I look and feel different but I love my memories and my experience. I wouldn't trade them for a million dollars! I still throw in a stunt or two when I'm the bad guy role player in S.W.A.T. training.

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