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In This Time

I believe in keeping people safe. No political agenda, religiousness or pushing of an opinion. I want people to be safe. It's why I love cops and other first responders. A job In This Time, in this place that calls for extraordinary acts of courage and selflessness by simply doing your job right. My heart and prayers go out to the family of State Trooper Jaimie Jursevics and to her brothers and sisters in blue who lost a partner because she was doing her job.

I believe in our troops that fight next to their buddies for a country that sends them to fight for whatever reason. In This Time, in this place my heart hurts when I see evil in mankind taking precious lives for selfish reasons (God bless those families in paris who lost someone in these attacks)..... I just want people to be safe.

Be vigilant no matter where you go and no matter where you are. Don't live paranoid but just be aware of your surroundings. In This Time, in this place be safe my friends........ But don't stop living your life because of what is happining In This Time. Just be aware and be safe.

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