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Christmas in a Patrol Car

​The red and blue lights reflecting off the falling snow gives this sense of beauty you don't expect to see while riding in a patrol car juxtaposed to the crime in progress you're running code 3 through the county focusing on officer safety.

I commented to a deputy once, "I bet you hate working the holidays." His response was matter of fact and quite revealing. "Someone has to do it and it's just my turn."

Law enforcement is a calling and understanding that the 8 minutes of excitement from a high speed pursuit is followed up by 4 hours of waiting for a blood draw in the ER, 1 hour of paper work plus waiting in the cold for the tow truck to show up is what your calling really means.

Thank you all who stand a post and patrol our community as the rest of us are with family and friends. You have my admiration and my support and please know that what you do is not lost in the midst of this holiday season. You matter to this community.... Thank you very much!

Chaplain Rick Christopherson

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