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Enough! Be a person of Integrity...

Truth is what matters. Truth can hurt and/or it can set you free. With the rise of social media outlets and the lack of accountability, anyone can say anything and it has a possibility of getting heard. So get this, I believe it is human nature to lie. I most certainly didn't teach my kids to lie but they took to it for the sake of self preservation (they know better now and are great kids!). Every child does. We teach our kids to tell the truth. As adults it takes effort to own mistakes. Integrity is the only thing that can't be taken from you. Only you can give it away.

Why a lesson on integrity and lies? I've had ENOUGH of lies about law enforcement officers. Lies are killing our cops! I, as a LEO chaplain, see the training and importance integrity plays into being a cop. If a cop breaks the law, that cop is held accountable plain and simple. If a cop breaks agency policy, that cop is held accountable plain and simple. But here's the "rub." The general public may not understand or know how agencies operate and the laws that govern LEOs. So when someone seeking fame, money, pushing political ideology or just wants to create drama stands on a "soap box" and lies, the unknowing public starts to listen.

Understand and seek the truth. Do not buy an idea because the packaging is pretty. Make people own their words. Lies fall apart when people with integrity relentlessly seek the truth. No agenda other than truth. When a cop breaks the law the truth hurts... But truth is important. When a LEO has to take a life to protect the public or themselves... The truth hurts but truth will show the reality of the job LEOs have to face on a daily bases.

ENOUGH lies! Be a person of integrity... Only you can give integrity away.

Chaplain Rick

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